Concerning Grade 4 Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma)
``In late April of 2015, at the age of 71 our father was diagnosed with glioblastoma (GBM), a grade 4 brain cancer. A tumor the size of a lemon was found in his right temporal lobe. Initially, shocked by the diagnosis and even more so by the poor prospects--either with or without treatment--we were more concerned with maintaining our father's quality of life above all else. The doctors at the emergency room for the most part agreed that given our father's age and the size and location of his tumor, it was more or less considered inoperable.
We had to put our father on a very high steroid dose to reduce the swelling in his brain. If discontinued, they would have made his terrible headaches return. However, those were not a permanent solution as their use resulted in a slew of undesirable side effects that would have only eventually worsened our father's quality of life.
Earlier that year in late February, my parents and I had just completed a 4-day Emei Qigong workshop with Felix Law, where we had discovered its healing powers. During that course I had fallen unusually ill, and on the last day Felix performed a healing session on me. I ended up recovering soon thereafter, though at the time was unsure whether it was a matter of coincidence rather than real healing powers.
While we researched conventional as well as alternative therapies to pursue for treating our father's GBM, we turned to Felix for help. Over the course of the first month following the diagnosis, he paid our father a visit nearly every day, spending a minimum of an hour on each visit. He taught our father self-healing techniques, including how to perform the healing sounds as well as various Wuji-Gong exercises. And each time he also performed the Emei Qigong healing practice on our father. In all, he visited our father a total of over 18 times, asking nothing in return. Not only did he review the essential techniques each time, he also patiently listened when the mood struck our father to talk about his life. He told our father that he had taken on treating him as his part-time job, but that it was our father's full-time job to follow through with all the self-healing exercises--which amounted to a couple of hours of work per day.
A month after our father's diagnosis, we made the decision to proceed with conventional treatment, consisting of a craniotomy (brain surgery) to remove as much of the tumor as possible, followed by concurrent radiation and chemotherapy. Just before the craniotomy, another MRI was performed, at which time we discovered that the tumor had not changed in size or shape at all. Glioblastoma is a tumor that is very aggressive and highly unpredictable, and at times can double in size in as short as two weeks. Knowing this, we were extremely grateful to Felix for the time he had devoted to our father and for his healing powers, as there was no other explanation for the tumor activity apparently coming to a standstill during that first month after our father's diagnosis.
Though in the end we chose not to rely entirely on Emei Qigong, we feel that without Felix's tireless help that first month, our father's tumor would very likely have grown before his craniotomy. We feel extremely indebted to Felix for this.
It has now been over 16 months since our father's diagnosis, and he has beaten the median survival for GBM, which is 15 months.`` - Jenny & Charlie Wang
Concerning Seizures
``I get seizures. I will get dizzy in the morning waking up. But then I met Felix at work, and he gave me some energy. Only one time and I have been feeling much better. I wake up with energy, and I have not gotten headaches like I used to. It has helped a lot, and since then I haven't gotten any seizures.`` - Jaime
Concerning Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
``I have personally utilized Felix and he has assisted with my COPD tremendously by utilizing his Qigong process. Felix is a true professional that I feel honored to be able to endorse.`` - Joseph Micelli
Concerning Gallstone Inflammation
``I was sick because of my gallbladder. Felix healed me giving me his energy. I am very thankful for people like him who help heal other’s illnesses. Felix is a very good person and I know he will continue to grow to become even greater. After Felix’s help, the doctor was surprised my gallbladder returned to normal. I am very thankful for Felix, and I hope he continues to learn more.`` - Maria Pacheco
Concerning Ruptured Appendix
``Recently, my wife suffered from a ruptured appendix. She spent one week in the hospital for treatment and recuperating. During her stay in the hospital, my wife was very quiet, which was unusual being that she is a very talkative person. At home, she remained very quiet for several days which was when I decided to ask Felix for his help. Felix healed my wife and when he was finished, my wife immediately became her talkative self. Felix restored her qi (energy) and removed her bad qi (energy). It was incredible, and we are grateful to him. I highly recommend Felix to anyone seeking non-medical healing`` - Arthur
Concerning Physical Discomforts
``Emei Qigong has relieved the physical discomfort in my body. After the individual session, it has released the burdens in my sub-conscious mind. Felix explains the meaning of each movement well. I can relate to the teaching in both physical and spiritual well-being. He is detail oriented, patient and kind. I am interested in learning a more advanced level. Felix is sincere and enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge and techniques with us. I have a much deeper understanding of Emei Qigong, and will share this with my family and friends. I would like to thank Felix for giving us the chance to learn and broaden our life experience.`` - J.C.
Gum Disease and Swollen Leg
``I had gum disease, and it had been getting worse over the last few months. Every morning when I brushed my teeth, the gum bled so excessively to a point that I got nervous about it. The dentist could not offer much help besides telling me to brush and floss my teeth more often. I have known Felix for long time, and I know he is practicing qigong and utilizing it to help people. I turned to him for help. He had given me a few sessions of qi transmission with the empowered jade. During the qi transmission process, I felt lots of qi feeling over my head, and the jade gave me a warm sensation without touching my face. After a few sessions, my gum had stopped bleeding, and it has been three months now and still no bleeding.
One time my left leg got so swollen and sore all of a sudden, and I barely could walk at work. I did not know what it was, and I asked Felix to see if he could help. Again, he gave me a few sessions of qi transmissions over a three weeks period. The swelling went away gradually, and the pain was gone.
`` - Andy
``One night I was playing with my dog in the backyard, and suddenly I tripped over him and fell on the concrete ground on my right hip and leg. It was not too painful that night, but the next day I saw some bruises starting to build up in my hip area. The bruises had gotten bigger and extended all the way from my hip down to the ankle in the next few days, and pain started to set in. Basically the outside of my entire right leg was all bruises. It had stayed like that for a week, and Felix did a qi session on my leg for about 20 minutes. The next day when I was about to change clothes, I noticed the bruises had disappeared about 80 percent, there was just a small bruise left near the knee area. Both Felix and I were surprised by the effect of qigong healing.`` - Eric
General Health Improvement
``I was very fortunate to learn the Emei Qigong system from Sifu Felix Law. Sifu Law introduced a set of practice routines that were powerful in self-healing and spiritual pursuit. Sifu Law explained the meaning and purpose of each routine to ensure that our practice achieved the ultimate goal of self-healing. For example, the Self-Vibration was to connect the pre-birth energy to our post-birth energy. The Self-Regeneration cultivated the life force inside our vital organs. The Self-Wuji trained our mind to create a brand new Universe where time, space and form did not exist. At the end of each practice, my body was relaxed, my mind was clear in blissful meditative state and spirit was free.`` - Judy C.