Emei Qigong Healing Techniques

Our body has a self-healing ability that can help us heal physically and emotionally. Emei Qigong awakens and further strengthens our self-healing ability to fight off diseases and regain our health. With 800 years of history, Emei Qigong has integrated extensive time-tested healing techniques and methods that can ‘tackle’ many different kinds of ailments.

Wuji Gong

This is the essential form (moving meditation) of Emei Qigong. The word “Wuji” means “No Limit”. The practice of “State of Mind” in this form is divided into two parts; the first part is the Taiji state (Taiji means Grand Limit); in this part, our conscious mind controls our body to do a series of movements that open up our meridian channels to get ready to go into the Wuji state. After getting into the Wuji state, there is no mind intention and fixed movements, all the movements are led by qi. We are communicating with the Universal Energy (qi) that takes effect in healing our body. Without any mind intention, qi is like an army that goes to all the parts and locations where the diseases are and heals the diseases. Wuji Gong can re-adjust and re-balance our energy (qi), so it is good for any kind of diseases. Another good thing about Wuji Gong is that even physically disabled people can practice it. People can practice Wuji Gong while sitting in a wheelchair or lying in bed. The benefits are just as good. Wuji Gong is a quintessential technique for the healing of most diseases.

Healing Sounds

Emei Sacred Healing Sounds harmonize the vibrations of our organs. When we are healthy, our organs are in harmony with their own vibrational frequency. When we are sick, the harmony of vibrations of organs is altered. Vocalizing these healing sounds is like using a tuning fork to tune the off-frequency organs back to the normal frequency. When the harmony of the vibrations of the organs is re-established, our health will restore. In fact, Healing Sounds is a very powerful healing tool that surprises a lot of people as many people have benefited from only practicing this technique alone. Almost everyone can practice Healing Sounds without any problems, even for people who have difficulties in speaking, making sounds or moving. They can just sit still and say the sounds very softly and subtly for the same purpose and the results are as good.


Emei Qigong exercises can be divided into Macro and Micro-Training. Macro-Training emphasizes upon the union of body (posture), breathing and heart (spirit) to make qi and blood flow ubiquitously in the body. The exercises engage the whole body and mind in regulating them. Wuji Gong is part of the Macro-Training that serves this purpose. Micro-Training applies special postures, breathing and mind intention to achieve direct self-healing for diseases. One major feature of Micro-Training is through the selection of proper relevant Micro-Training methods to direct exercises towards one or two particular organs. Qi goes directly to the particular organ to eliminate sickly Qi and restore healthy energy. There are Micro-Training methods for heart diseases, kidney diseases, stomach diseases, high blood pressure and more…

Emei Simple Movements

Emei Simple Movements are part of the Emei Qigong system that exercise many parts of the body including joints and meridian channels in a gentle way. Unlike vigorous exercises, these simple movements work on most of the physical joints and qi circulations to enhance the qi flow that result in better body conditions and health. It is especially beneficial for major joints like neck, spine, knee and shoulder. They are very easy to learn and remember. These simple movements do not require any particular mind intentions and breathing techniques. It is good for all walks of life especially for the hectic life style in the modern day.

Sitting Meditations

Emei Qigong put great emphasis in sitting meditations. There is moving meditation like Wuji Gong, and sitting meditations are the complement to the moving meditations. There are a few sitting meditations in Emei Qigong for attaining both physical well-being and spiritual enlightenment.

Empowered Objects

There are some objects that contain high quality energy like jade. With the special empowerment from Grandmaster and his disciples, these objects are further infused with energy that can ward off disease energy and help us heal. The empowered objects are very powerful tools in healing ourselves and healing others. And many other healing methods require these empowered objects to fulfil the task especially in remote healing.

Transferring and Clearing

This is a unique technique in Emei Qigong that can eradicate the root of diseases. In addition to other healing techniques, it is always recommended to practice the transferring and clearing. If the root of diseases is not eradicated, it will come back when the disease encounters suitable conditions. Through this technique, the root of diseases transfers out of the body and will not activate again.

Universal Mantra Qi Transmission

This is a technique that can be used to heal other people with diseases. Using Universal Mantra to communicate with and mobilize the universal energy to heal people is very unique to Emei Qigong. The use of Universal Mantra to heal others does not deplete the healer’s own energy; it also strengthens the healer’s energy.

Karma Clearing

From Emei Qigong perspective, some diseases or illnesses are strongly related to Karma. Some people develop serious physical problems when they were child, and most likely the illnesses developed from childhood are Karma carried over from previous life. Emei Qigong has a Karma Clearing technique to help to lessen the effect of the bad Karma causing the problems in the present life.

And Emei Qigong has more…