My Story

After having practiced Yang style Tai Chi Chuan for more than 30 years, I developed a strong desire to broaden my horizons in Qigong and healing.

In 2011, I had an opportunity to learn Emei Qigong from Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong. I completed the Level 4 teacher training with Grandmaster Fu in China in 2013 and took other advance techniques classes from him thereafter. Long before I learned Emei Qigong, I had had many ups and downs in my career and businesses and ended up falling into deep depression and anxiety. With the practice of Emei Qigong, I was able to regain my health and confidence. I have experienced the healing effect of Emei Qigong myself and have witnessed the successful healing of many others. These experiences have built a strong foundation in my heart for further learning Emei Qigong.

In December 2014, I received a “Best Social Service Award,” presented by Chinese American Group, and in July 30th 2015, I also received a “Best Community Service Award” presented by Asian Cultural Alliance in Las Vegas, Nevada, in recognition of my teaching Emei Simple Movements to the community, from which many people benefited.

FelixLaw Emei Qigong Discipleship Certificate

In September 2015, I was accepted and granted as the Emei Qigong 14th Generation Senior Disciple by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong. The Bai Shi (Discipleship) ceremony was held at Emei Mountain.

With my detail-oriented mindset, I like to provide my students and clients with thorough explanations to ensure their understanding of the materials and methods. I am currently teaching Emei Qigong and offering qigong healing in the Las Vegas area.

– Felix Law