Empowered Objects

Spiritual Development at Sunrise at Emei Mountain

In Emei Qigong, empowered objects are used for many purposes. Some of the healing techniques need the use of empowered objects to escalate the healing effects. The following are the empowered objects used in many Emei Qigong practice.

Empowered Jade:

Natural jade contains high quality energy and constantly releases such superior energy. Because of the superior energy jade contains, jade also strongly resists the invasion of inferior energy information. The empowered jade has the natural high quality and is further empowered with extraordinary energy through 49 days of exposing it to nearly 5000 special symbols and mantras. Not only does the empowered jade release superior energy, but also absorbs negative and disruptive energy to neutralize them. It is very beneficial for self-healing and healing other people.

Empowered Beads:

There are two kinds of empowered beads: long empowered beads and short empowered beads. The long beads are made of carnelian, which the Chinese call “red jade”. The short beads are made of seeds from a plant that grows in China. These materials also carry high quality energy, and they go through a process of empowerment for 49 days. Same as empowered jade, these beads can dispel illnesses and are very useful for healing purposes. The short beads fit on a wrist or ankle where the major meridian channels are located. The long beads are usually worn around the neck that they can adjust the qi flow around the neck and chest area.

Empowered Blanket:

The empowered blanket is infused with extraordinary energy by exposing it to about 5000 special symbols and mantras for 49 days. It continuously absorbs positive energy from heaven and earth. It also emits superior energy. Neutralizing negative and disease energies are also the major functions of the empowered blanket. One advantage of the empowered blanket is that it can cover a large disease area on the body to enhance healing.