Seminars & Healing Services

Harmony and Internal Cultivation at Emei Mountain Temple

Seminars Information

Emei Qigong has a teaching structure that ensures students to have solid foundation of Emei Qigong theories, philosophies and techniques.

Level 1 Seminar (The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong):

This 3 days seminar is the foundational class that will teach students most of the essential theories and healing techniques. This seminar covers a very wide range of aspects that includes different causes of illnesses, the best time and place to practice qigong, how to get relief from suffering etc. The essential form of Emei Qigong, “Wuji Gong”, will be taught in this seminar as well as other healing techniques such as Healing Sounds, Transferring and Clearing disease energy, Universal Mantra Qi Transmission and more…

Level 2 Seminar (Changing the Moving Program of Life):

Emei Qigong believes that quality of human life derives from the pre-birth 5 elements that cause every one of us having different health conditions and life’s events. Some people are healthy; some people are more prone to illnesses; some people have very smooth life and some people have really bumpy life. A major reason of these differences is due to the effect of the pre-birth energy that we are born with.  This 6 days seminar will teach students how to find their favorable element (5 elements) and strengthen its energy, and find the unfavorable element (5 elements) and avoid their adverse effects on us. Consequently, our pre-birth energy can be recuperated that results in improvement of our health and quality of life.

Level 3 Seminar (The Chan and Yi Jing Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method):

The principles of this healing method are to find the energetic root causes of a disease and eradicate the root causes to restore health. The energetic root causes are stored inside us, and diseases will come back if the root causes are not eradicated. This Grand Method integrates the techniques and methods that are taught in Level 1 and 2. This is a 10 days seminar, and over 100 medical conditions and their energetic root causes will be taught.

Healing Services Information

Private Healing:

The first session takes 1 hour. During the first session, I (Qigong healer) will analyze and identify the energetic root causes of the diseases that the client has. With the identification of the energetic root causes, client will be advised how to remove the root causes. I will do a Qi transmission healing and customize a Qigong practice program for the client. If follow-up session is needed, it usually takes 40 minutes each follow up.

Group Healing:

Group healing is to make use of the group energy field that is formed by the group subconscious. The Qigong healer mobilizes the group subconscious and merges his/her own subconscious with the group subconscious to unite it into one formless energy field. This formless energy field is very strong and powerful that many clients can benefit from it. A group healing session takes about 40 minutes. It is recommended to have at least 10 people or more in the group.

Remote Healing:

If face to face healing is not available, remote healing becomes handy and is as effective. Distance is not a limiting factor in remote healing. Each session takes about 30 minutes, and video call software or apps is needed.

Seminars and Healing Services:

Seminar dates and locations will be announced when available. Private lessons are upon request.

Private Healing, Group Healing and/or Remote Healing are available.

Please contact me for details.


I am not a physician. I do not make diagnosis or provide medical advice. Qigong is not a substitute for any kind of medical treatments. Qigong only serves as a supplement to your well-being. Results are not guaranteed and may vary.